Are drones dangerous?

In untrained hands, they can be - We are trained and approved by the CAA to operate safely. It is by law that we need this approval - You should only use approved operators at your wedding.

Are drones noisy?

In general when flying high, you can't hear them. If flown closer they can be heard as the propellers move the air around them.

Do you have insurance?

Yes - for both ours and your peace of mind


How long is a Wedding film?

With social media in mind, smaller clips are easier to share. Capturing all the best bits and condensing means that you can enjoy over and over again. In general, the industry standard is a 60 second highlights clip and a 12 to 20 minute feature film

What are the benefits over traditional methods?

Most significantly, the ability to capture your day from the air providing you with views of your wedding that were once not possible. Sweeping cinematic footage as if in flight creates that professional movie. Group shots can now be taken at any place. Check out our blog page for more benefits.

What about the weather?

As many other of your days suppliers, we have everything crossed that the weather will be just as you want it to be. We'll only fly during any safe opportune moments In the event of a little rain or overly windy conditions. We of course still have our handheld gimbals that replicate drones at low level