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Beautiful backdrops

Book an aerial filmogrpher for wide field of view scenes with incredible backdrops of your amazing venue and grounds.

Good times

Take in everything from above, including your friends and family having the best time of their lives, all thanks to you.

Night time scenes

Lights at night pop out from above. Take advantage of aerial drone photography to capture your night time scenes like never before.

Wedding Day Drones

We love wedding films and are a professional videography service. Realising the benefits of taking to the air, we started filming Drone based Weddings in 2016. We now have the ability to integrate both traditional camera work and modern Drone techniques for the perfect cinematic Wedding film. While we're in the air, it makes sense to offer aerial photography too. We of course can keep our Drones firmly on the ground if you'd prefer the more traditional film.

Leaders in aerial wedding films & photography

Where we understand that Drones play a small part in any Wedding Film, the use of Drones for Weddings has increased at rates of over 56% each year since 2014 and is set to continue. Drone phots and video footage are a popular way of placing emphasise on your Wedding albums and help massively in documenting more of the day when used in wedding films.

As leaders in Drone Weddings, we at Wedding Day Drones want to offer you all of the benefits while giving you peace of mind that we are trained, the most experienced, and are operating legally with full liability insurance. This is why we place emphasis on being a Drone Service Provider rather than a standard videography service.

We are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. It is a requirement by law that your videographer has this approval to film with a Drone at your Wedding.

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